Specializing in post
natal fitness in Baton
Reclaim your
pre-baby body!
The post-natal mom is often an afterthought in her own life because, after all, the baby
comes first! Some ladies don’t do anything to assure that their pelvic region is coming
back together properly after they’ve delivered. This can lead to problems such as
diastasis recti abdominus as well as other pelvic floor issues. Others are so concerned
with losing their “baby weight” and getting their pre-natal body back that they do too
much too soon and their bodies aren’t ready for the intensity which produces other
problems.  This can have a life long effect.

I provide post-natal specific training designed to rehabilitate the body so clients don’t
have lingering issues for months or years to come. My goal is to:

  • Retrain the clients core and pelvic floor
  • Get them into their optimal postural alignment
  • Make them strong and stable
  • Prepare them to return to all past activities and for any future activities they may
    want to participate in
  • Fat loss and restoring the body to pre-natal weight or better.
Clarence was my first personal trainer ever.  I knew after my pregnancy was over I would need to be very committed if I wanted
to get the get the strength and shape back in my body. I was super nervous on my first day and my abdomen muscles were
very weak . We took it slowly in the beginning and Clarence was supportive the entire way. Never once did he doubt my
capability . It was a very sensitive process  for me because I worked so hard on my pre pregnancy body and I was scared that I
couldn't do it but he was my cheerleader through it all even when I didn't believe in myself . This was crucial for me and my self
esteem . I love my body how it is now and I finally have the confidence back to continue giving my body what it needs. A huge
thank you to Clarence! -
Candace Soulier Taylor (pictured).