Samson Personal Training
Specializing in post
natal fitness in Baton
Reclaim your
pre-baby body!
You want to start working out but you’re pressed for time. You’re a busy person with a lot to do and half the
battle is finding time to get to the gym. By the time you get dressed, drive to the gym, figure out your workout
and get back to the house, you’ve lost 30-60 minutes of your day you needed to get other things done! Maybe
you work in an office and would love to work out on your break but by the time you travel to the gym and
shower your break is almost over! With Samson Personal Training’s Fit 2 U program I can save you time by
bringing the gym to your home or office!

I can put together an effective, tough but fun workout for you using various types of workout equipment
including Bowflex dumbells, the Rip 60 suspension trainer, resistance bands, boxing drills, kettle bells,
medicine balls plus agility and bodyweight training (click picture for larger view of equipment). Best of all it
doesn’t cost you any more than the training I would give you at the gym!
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